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A turn-based Space Invader!
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A free-to-play mobile otome game being developed by indie game group Matchaa Studio.
Play all the mobile games! An app store parody.
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[T]he game that created the genre "relax 'em up". - Calle Boström
Game jam about you and five of your fingers. PC & Android; Gear VR coming.
A lone paddler at the end of the world... How long can he survive?
Click to your heart's content!
Help the warehouse workers to sort all the incoming boxes !
Get cash to buy energy. Then what?
Something is waiting for you deep in the house...
An arcade game about the dilemma of choosing the least worse option to beat the score
a short playful experience <З <З <З
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A mobile game about dating in the 21st century
Location-based Korok hunt !
A location-based home search
One Shot is an addicting game that test your aiming and timing skills.
Send Randomized SMS messages of love!
Made for Pippin Barr Jam - you have to fight just to be heard
Clicker Game
A Tapper with a Virtual Pet Twist
How many animals can you hypnotise in this face detection controlled game?
An simple Rogue-like, to indulge into the depths.
for all the lost love, forgotten dreams and broken promises...
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