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An experimental horror game prototype about a lonely fisherman.
Inescapable Horror
Contemp, a short horror game set in a abandoned house.
A Short Little Horror Game Made for Sandwich's Spoopy Jam (Week 2)
A first-person psychological horror game designed to explore the boundaries of perfection and self-reflection.
Laranjo is an indie horror game produced by only two people in 2 months, working on it every day.
Getting home safely is not always trivial
Learn with Baldi in his fully 3D interactive schoolhouse! ...Just don't get any questions wrong.
Psychological horror with a dark twist
Created by Dan Sanderson
Short garden and kitchen horror game.
Play in browser
Navigate hallways and call a friend on your phone
Short first person horror game
A side-scrolling horror investigation game.
you take the role of Mark Wenzel a very famous writer who's his wife went missing a day after there one year anniversary
A short horror tale told through a voxelated experience full of secrets.
Horror jumpscare game- New Grandma in the works
Fairy tale, body horror game about feelng empty
A psychological horror adventure game about a man and his inner demons.
The living basalt and the worked
first person interactive installation/exploration inspired by Luis Bunuel's movie "Un Chien Andalou".
There is nothing here anymore.
A black comedy about a girl trying to find her sister.
With music box in hand, will you be able to survive the night?
Illusions become reality, and reality becomes nothing more than a vision.
A story about a girl and her abusive mother.
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