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a game about teen girls, blogs and love triangles in 2004
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Help this cute vampire to get something to drink!
Cook omelettes, drink, smoke, talk, fight and MECH BATTLES!
A Twine game about two girls in love, chatting about life.
Get ready for Halloween!
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A typical day of a lucid dreamer.
A JoJo's Bizarre Adventure clone of Cookie Clicker!
How far are you willing to go?
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A cute scoring game made and built in 72 hours
School's over, it's time to rumble!
Find your one true love with Mismatch!
A magical soon to be nightmarish Halloween adventure
Welcome to Astaro-U. How will your first week end?
0w0 is a short and sweet neko petting sim
Impress international celebrichef Chad Ravioli with your slammin'-est dish!
Game developed for LDJAM41! Theme was "Combine 2 Incompatible Genres".
A game where you decorate and make cakes!
Become an Otaku girl at the Expo!
Flying higher!
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Kono Kuso Teitoku!
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All dokis best dokis.
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Help Meatman become a fashion idol!
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Something resembling a comedy-horror game for Windows
Further testing confirms happiness may be found in slavery, 9/10 players agree.
A stab-em-up made for the hell of it on CIRNO DAY, 9/9/2018
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