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Games like Oh My Stars!

Live two parallel adventures, 30 years apart!
A single session gmless story telling game about creating and haunting a village
The business card 'virtual' pet
An additional customization option for player characters in Batts' 6e.
A Sweet Community Building Game
A solo RPG about bees
Discover the magic of friendship
A quick taste of the record-breaking TTRPG of traveling animal folk and their pastoral world.
A character creation game and adventure guide.
A Free Slugblaster One-Shot
A Solo Journaling Game About Dodgy Downloads
A Solo Journaling RPG about a Greeblin that just has to leave their home.
Brave children exploring strange dreamscapes — a feelings-delving tabletop RPG.
A solo game about loss and grief from the perspective of a ghost
Wizardry and roleplaying! A fantasy game and campaign setting focusing on tactical team combat.
The Sixth Edition, in a way.
A GMless storytelling TTRPG about tending to a haunted garden. For Groups or solo play.
This is what it looks like.
Journaling RPG about Traveller Stories