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Games like Foul Denizens

Amnesiac Androids After the Fall
A one-shot TTRPG about creatures of the night struggling to deal with the modern world.
A rules-lite tabletop RPG and story game that asks what you'd get if Jim Henson adapted Lord of the Rings
My Babysitter Is A Slasher! Play as kids on halloween night and try to survive the onslaught of horrors!
A MegaTen inspired setting for Backpack & Dream
A Mech Showdown RPG for Two Players
an exploration TTRPG engine by M.A. Guax
Cyberpunk pamphlet rpg for one-shot sessions
An employee training video gone wrong.
Role Playing
a supernatural murder mystery
Heroic action in the mythic age
A vaporwave space opera TTRPG.