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Games like Tanasurga

A primer and example mystery for the Breakfast Cult RPG.
The core rulebook and setting guide for Lancer, a game centered on pilots and their mechs.
A virtual space in which you can focus on one task at a time
Worthless heroes make God bleed.
The Long Rim: between promise and prosperity, where pirates stalk and the wealth of the galaxy flows...
A game about school days and the end of days.
An expansion for the Breakfast Cult RPG.
The original feat tax document for the Pathfinder roleplaying game
A Mech Showdown RPG for Two Players
A narrative campaign for Lancer RPG
ALL OF THE ABOVE: Stories from Lancer
Retrofuture cyberpunk, inspired by 90s anime.
Tactical Martial Arts and War Drama in Fantasy Medieval Philippines
A smol game about smol Ame.
Play in browser
A paranormal comedy point and click adventure!
A technomythical tactical mecha RPG inspired by Filipino Mythology
A Lovecraft-themed expansion for the Breakfast Cult RPG.
An Action Horror scenario for Karanduun.