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Games like HERO: Epic Fantasy Orchestral Music Pack

16x16 pixel overworld tileset
Pixel art spaceships (whole and in parts), shots and explosions
800 Japanese city themed tiles (32x32 in size) for use in your project!
Royalty free synthwave music track
Pokemon Style UI Kit/ Asset Pack (PixelArt)
A 16x16, 32x32 and 64x64 beautiful Accessories icon pack for your game to use
beautiful pixel art tilesets for mapping your game
Slime Monster for your indie game
45 Music Themes, 16 Fanfares, and 4 Ambiences For Your Project
112 high-quality sound effects for wounds and blood
10 characters. 5 expressions. 128x128. Pixel Art.
Tiny City tileset with 64 colors!
A simple Tactics engine for GM:Studio