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Games like ebook express

An Affinity Publisher and Illustrator template for creating a classic mini zine with 1 sheet of paper
Affinity Publisher + A. InDesign (one-page micro-TTRPG template)
A template for creating basic Kickstarter budgets tailored for the indie tabletop RPG community
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Pour jouer en solitaire à Trophée sombre
un mini-micro JdR solo de 5 minutes !
A Firebrands RPG about card games
Two people explore a mysterious land for a place rumored to make any dream come true
A three player GMless diceless storytelling TTRPG about finding home
how far are you willing to go?
a game about desire, for two players
The Story Of a Relationship On Its Own Terms
a one-page game (zine?) about forced departure, roaming and hopes
Single player world making game
we swim, we talk, we go to war
A game of robot girlfriends across the battefield
200 word LARP of anti-fascist makeouts
Incursion for Trophy Dark - Theme: City
An Incursion for Jesse Ross' Trophy RPG.
a forest full of wonder