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Games like Séquelle — an Album Crawl

An adventure game for brave adventurers
The Lilliputian airship Sky Pig has crash-landed and tensions are high amongst the surviving crew
A Folkloric Ogre to Hoard and Harm in a Hallowed World
A nautical adventure for MÖRK BORG
2-page OSR adventure game
More than six sets of teeth and how to extract them
Random tables, misery and torture, weapons and armor, runic powers, so many teeth, too many cvltists!
You are a criminal bear with two stats: CRIMINAL and BEAR.
Hex crawl for DURF
Spend money! Party! Level up! Kind of. Get stabbed. Make out with a rat.
Trapped underground in a maze of tunnels, find your way back to the surface...
a 7 room dungeon for your fantasy rpg of choice
Gross brainworms and medical bills... with bonus stats for Mausritter!
A collection of chess themed enemies for MÖRK BORG
A Death & Dismemberment system for Mörk Borg
an expansion and setting overlay
a DURF adventure