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Games like FREE Music Pack 3: Chiptune

Access all 2021 Wave 1 animations for a unique price. 15 Mini Packs (50+ total) animations included !
This is a music asset collection which includes 26 8bit songs which are indispensable to create retro-style games!
A Mega Man inspired chiptune music pack!
A short collection of NES-like retro tunes
The big, varied collection of retro, 8-bit chiptune songs & loops
13 looping chiptune music tracks + 3 stingers to use in your game!
a 16x16 tileset for your top-down game
Free top-down asset for your rpg-adventure game
A free pack of six more 8-bit chipttune BGM to use in your games and other projects!
12 loops of classic 8-bit/chiptune music in a variety of styles.
A free pack of five chiptunes to use in your games and other projects
Collections of interface/UI sounds to use in media
100+ 8-bit and 16-bit sound effects and music. Commercial use licence.
11 loops of RPG, chiptune/8-bit music. Suitable for any pixel art game.
A collection of 40+ Premium Background Sounds and Music for enhancing the Charm of your Platformer Games.
For non-commercial use with RPG Maker MV and MZ ONLY. Replace the RTP with new pixel icons!
elegant monospace pixel font
A free pack of six chiptune BGM to use in your games and other projects!