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Games like Inscrutable Cities

A solo roleplaying game about exploring fantastic planets.
Brave children exploring strange dreamscapes — a feelings-delving tabletop RPG.
Lo-fi sci-fi micro RPG collection
The Long Rim: between promise and prosperity, where pirates stalk and the wealth of the galaxy flows...
A playable dungeon-generator and map-making game.
Retrofuture cyberpunk, inspired by 90s anime.
PDF and HARDBACK available. A beautiful, sad, solo RPG about the crush of time and vampires.
we understand the power of that which came before us
a slice-of-life game of fallen angels and Belonging Outside Belonging
Camp counselors protect their wards from a nightmare monster in this GMless horror RPG.
A game of legendary items & transient heroes.
Gods and their avatars telling the tales of the end of days.
Revolutionary mechs and magic, powered by the apocalypse.
A solo roleplaying game about wandering in an ancient city.
As if OSR & Storygames had a baby.
Peace. Kids playing in mech wreckage. A ghost. One last journey to find a final resting place.
A zine of indie TTRPG games, articles and supplements
Indie TTRPGs for social justice
A pastoral fantasy tabletop RPG about traveling animal-folk and the way they change with the seasons.