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Games like Starfield Clouds Effect for Construct 3

2D Top Down Assets Forest Village - Pixel Art. This pack includes 16×16 top down tile set for your game.
UI icons for PC, Switch, PlayStation and Xbox controllers
Source code, sprites, assets and music to rejuvenation racer
Integrate a Unistroke Recognizer into a C3 project template.
A very small asset pack
Shatter and fall away effect.
Showcase of shader code for Godot game engine
64 Spaceships to fill your void!
Effects for Construct (mostly C3 focused, some C2)
Outline Glow and Glow Worms effects for Construct 3
a collection of pixel fonts
Shadow trail effect for construct 3 sprites
A Pixel Art Assets Pack with 4 different Backgrounds
SNES-style pixel RPG tiles!