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Games like Some Rough Beast

An analogue RPG created for the What Is So Cool About Jam
A crew of living dead men, cast adrift in space forever
A little “What’s So Cool...” game of market stalls, village intrigues, archery contests, and chatty NPCs
If only they'd kept YOU out of it!
No rest for the wicked: following your TPK, the gods are still handing you quests in the afterlife.
Take my mine, take my ale/Take me well beyond the pale....
A Cursed Sphere For TroikaFest 2021
So an elf approaches you in a tavern and offers you a quest, right....
Sov Raeð is burning. Are you with the Glorious Ergonotariat?
A two player game that requires nothing but complicity.
This is going to take — shudder — social skills. Baths, even.
Workmen accidentally broke through a fake wall in the old wizard's tower. What really happened to Septimus Nox?
A few extra things for The Vanilla Game.
A pamphlet adventure compatible with Troika!
A Character Class for D&D BX & Other Old School Tabletop RPGs
Custom sheet for Troika! ttrpg
Or: What's So Final About the Earthen Gates That All Must Pass on their Journey to the Land of the Dead?