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Games like Debt and Metal

emotional mecha, Powered by the Apocalypse
A minimalist sword and witchcraft RPG for campaigns and quick sessions
A Cybergoth Expansion for Trophy Gold
As if OSR & Storygames had a baby.
Sword-and-whiskers roleplaying
A rules-light pen & paper RPG 
about monster hunters in Meiji Japan.
Fantasy Role-Playing Adventure in Tokugawa Japan.
A dungeon crawling game about community and really weird magic.
Lo-fi sci-fi micro RPG collection
Sword & sorcery tabletop roleplaying adventure on a single scroll! Plus 2 scroll supplements.
a Trophy Dark incursion of kaleidoscopic medical horror
A sci-fi racing TTRPG
An alternate reality table top roleplaying game.
A Gothic and Glamorous Space Opera Role Playing Game
An RPG of immortal guardians.
Join the Secret War against Projekt Prometheus and the Nazi occult ...
Monster hunting in a cursed city.
A solo journaling RPG about killing Gods