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Games like Edwina Magic Shoot

Build your Soccer career from a Sunday-league footballer to a World Class player.
Play in browser
6 free voxel art spaceships.
Free 3D asset pack with a house construction site, including cranes, trucks, containers and much more.
Lowpoly models , survival game,
Teleportation Ninja animation set for "Search for a Star"
Free Shrubs Flowers and Mushrooms 3D Low Poly Pack for your game projects
A platformer asset pack! Works well with my platformer tileset!
Free CC0 asset pack containing 4 guns 2 swords and a bow.
animated charecter for a sidescroll/platformer games.
low-poly 3D Character models, in voxel art
Game-Ready Voxel Robot, Textured and Rigged (Mixamo compatible)
Guia de serpientes venenosas/Venomous snakes guide
Run in browser
3D Character with animations.
Free, easy to use and flexible level editor.