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Games like NécessFaire

A solo TTRPG where you collect rocks to fill your tiny home, meet your neighbours, and explore a new garden
A storytelling game about traveling, the memories we make, and how we drift apart.
A solo RPG about bees
Underground exploration beneath a curse (?) oak tree.
A TTRPG about an epic tale of survival. But there is someone... someTHING rooting for your demise.
a studio ghibli hack of kids on bikes
A solo journaling micro-TRPG about looking for flowers and having feelings.
Sword & sorcery tabletop roleplaying adventure on a single scroll! Plus 2 scroll supplements.
Racontez comment cette oie vous terrorise ...
A coloring-in game for two about figuring out whether you should kiss them
Survive alone in the black
Un jeu Role party d'intrigues voilées, de passions interdites et de drames courtois.
A tabletop RPG of gig-economy metro workers clearing up monsters in a subway that dug too deep.
Discover the storytelling magic of tarot cards.
Journey with a colossus on their way to hibernation
A card-prompt storytelling game about mecha pilots caught in the shadow of their legendary squadron leader.
Jouer un personnage de jeu de rôle, une aide de jeu
a card-based collaborative storytelling game for three or more
featuring rules for Labyrinthine, a storytelling game of branching myths, for solo or group play
A Descended from the Queen game about clones discovering who they are as they seek out their progenitor.
A game about being androids discovering your identity and relationship with your creator