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Games like Fresh Epics Comic Book (Digital)

A colourful, funny & factual book describing animal mating behavior, illustrated in the form of human characters.
The best comic strips from 2015.
the pdf version of the webcomic!
The daily adventures of Miss Bird + Miss Cat.
maybe the worst magical girls
a book of of not-marios!
A collection of twelve comics and zines, primarily fantasy.
A comic about video games, a princess in distress (of course), and game overs that happen over and over again.
short comic
An adult love story between a photographer and her assistant
A collection of 80+ monsters from an RPG that doesn't exist.
How did Blackbird and Duran meet?
A comic about a cat who takes a day off
A comic about a cat who is also a doctor.
A story about admiration.
short comic
Eight-page smut featuring Southwise Saanvi!