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Games like OutBattle

A creative judgement card game, where players must suggest inconvenient companions for unexpected destinations.
A strategy card game that combines chance, strategy, and derpy looking animals!
Juego de cartas donde los jugadores deben proponer acompañantes inoportunos para destinos inesperados.
A strategy tile-laying card game. 1-8 Players. 15-20 Minutes. Ages 6+
What does it mean to feel depression? Experimenting with emotions, design, and game mechanics
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A 2 player print & play wargame that only needs one
A quick and fun print & play game for 3 to 8 players
You are kittens getting into mischief and working together to steal something!
Not a GGJ entry
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A short music puzzle where each game window you enter is an endless realm.
A dungeon music puzzle where each room you enter is a new window screen.
An exploratory video game about historical memory
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Entry for The Heritage Jam 2017 - The Bones of Our Past
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Local-multiplayer creative-judgement video game. Explore the past and complete historical narratives with your friends.
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