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Games like Frivolous Creatures

Cast spells, be queer, & crash the biggest concert of the year!
A turn-based RPG roguelite focused on dice combinations!
Card Game
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An illustrated light novel about personal growth, furry MMOs, and turning into a plant girl
A surreal trip through the mundane
A solo journaling game about a witch finding a home.
A game that starts when you order pizza and ends when you take your first bite
This is a solar-powered take, which means it sometimes goes offline ☀
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Card Game
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An rpg about morality and the written word told with a single pomegranate
a pbta poem inspired by hadestown
Inspired by Myst, explore a strange machine and restore colour to the world
how far are you willing to go?
Tank doodle generator
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create lizard avatars for your characters!
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a reflective cooking LARP for 1+ players
a tabletop farming game
we breathe life into this city together
A free night ride across Tokyo, searching for our home with the help of some stranger.
Visual Novel