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Games like VirtualXT

Procedural Generation Pixelart Editor
3D Game Engine for Blender
A Simple 3D desktop Game Engine scriptable in Python.
Dynamic range compressor
A simple interactive fiction writer
Simple and straightforward audio convolution plugin
C# WinForms GraphicsPath Builder and previsualizer with code generation.
Video interpolation for everyone. Up to 35x faster than DAIN, compatible with all recent AMD/Nvidia/Intel GPUs.
free open source engine for creating visual novels without programming knowledge.
Run in browser
LITIENGINE is a puristic open-source Java 2D Game Engine. This bundle includes the java library and the utiLITI editor.
Gamedev at the bleeding edge. New builds coming every day!
Paint of Persia is a rotoscoping pixel-art tool
A 2D Character Portrait Generator.
Chiptune Music Tracker
Create any animation starting from a png image.
For DMs and GMs to help manage the flow of their games
Desktop Version of
music composition tool