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Games like Seven Intelligent Cows

Created with dark magics informed by gluttony.
an urban fantasy digital witchcraft background for Troika!
The Other world's favourite fantasy RPG
This tiny ball of fur in a deadly golem suit is a free background for Troika!
Play a strange, fickle god from a deep and mysterious forest realm.
Michtims are small, adorable fairytale creatures
This is what it looks like.
A Background for Troika!
The third issue of the World's Other Only RPG Zine
Helldiver background for the Troika! Tarot Jam
4 Character Backgrounds compatible with the Tabletop RPG Troika!
A TroikaJam supplement made with minimal knowledge of the game.
A Troika! Background Made w/ Machine Learning
A custom character background for the Troika! Background Jam
Created for #troikajam, this background brings some Halloween fun to your Troika game.