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Games like orenong line editor (a visual editing tool for beamNG scriptAI lines)

This is the tool used to create the famous Game Color Wheels.
A playful music creation tool that like a game console music editor
A command-line tool to turn PNG images into Doom maps.
draw on your screen
A package of easy-to-use software!
Sound player for live performances. Also displays video and images on a second screen.
Easily integrate Firebase functions with your Construct 3 project.
Run in browser
Software Laser Synth / Abstract Generator
Construct 3 Project Merger is a tool that makes possible merging two differents Construct 3 projects into one
Super cool template integrating the whole arjs/aframe enviroment inside of construct 3
Scripts to take snapshots & make a time lapse for Aseprite.
generator of laces
UI Components For Construct 3
Run in browser
A GUI Program to find files and text within files for Linux and Windows.
Aseprite Lua Script to Snap your Selection to the Sprite Grid
A fancy little toolbar that makes creating slopes for tile sets easier.
A software that help you remember those annoying folder path