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Games like Someone Who Has Only A Very Vague Idea Of What Troika Is: ostensibly, a Troika background

The Other world's favourite fantasy RPG
An observant, opulent, character background
Troika Background
A background for Troika!
an urban fantasy digital witchcraft background for Troika!
You wanna play a rpg? Is that what you want from me?
Rocket Goons is Rocket-Age RPG inspired by Tunnel Goons a game by Nate Treme
A guide to running the classic D&D dungeon and make your players understand what true power means.
This is what it looks like.
Sword-and-whiskers roleplaying
A Malevitch inspired background for the Troika Background Jam
A Troika! background for un-adventurers not looking for everything
A TroikaJam supplement made with minimal knowledge of the game.
A Troika! Background Made w/ Machine Learning