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Games like ANTI-SISYPHUS 2

An occasional zine for your old-school role-playing needs.
The third issue of an occasional zine for your old-school role-playing "needs."
The fourth issue of your favorite RPG zini, featuring an infinite hex crawl.
The Sixth Edition, in a way.
Or: How to run a vaporwave campaign in Troika!
The Other world's favourite fantasy RPG
A simple fantasy version of What's So Cool About Outer Space?
A tiny game to paste in the front of your favorite notebook so you can carry the galaxy around with you.
A small thank-you to the readers, and a loving "Fuck off" to Gary Gygax.
A practical guide for OSR designers, and a useless road map for pundits.
The fifth issue, and the first written by the world's first influencer, Protagoras.
Six backgrounds for Troika! based on your second-favorite science fiction television series set on a space station.
Supernatural mystery backgrounds for Troika! based on your favorite 1990s television show set in the Pacific Northwest.
18 Troika backgrounds, 7 adventures, an asteroid field & carousing rules
Peace. Kids playing in mech wreckage. A ghost. One last journey to find a final resting place.
Seven issues, still useless. This one's a questionnaire?
A d20 based eldritch horror rpg. But fuck Lovecraft though.
The world's first issue of the world's first RPG zine!