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Games like Tavern Background Music

100 high-quality sound effects for battle and wounds
142 High-Quality Robot Sounds
A collection of 44 animations for impact/hit VFX
142 High-Quality Combat Sounds
384 16x16, 32x32 and 64x64 beautiful Weapons, Shields, Helmet and Armor icon pack
collection of pixel portraits
An animated pack of space marine characters to use in any 2d game style
4.113 High-Quality Sound Effects
112 High-Quality destruction sounds
Animated pixel art character for platformer games.
110 High-Quality magic sounds of Air, Fire, Earth, Water and also Ice
Animated 2D Character.
102 sound for different purposes in-game but specially good for interface
225 interface, futuristic, ui, sounds that can be used in different kind of games, especially for futuristic, space ones