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Games like Wizards in a Van

A game of feline experimentation and academic politics, for 2-5 players
Ruleslite old-style dungeoncrawler.
Life is like a hurricane, here in... DUKK BÖRG
A 1-page tabletop RPG about being teenage clones of famous historical figures.
Horror-beauty in the vast darkness
A small herbarium for your favorite Fantasy TTRPG
Washington Irving inspired microgame adapted from Jason Tocci's 24XX
Survivors forget ideologies post-apocalypse. 24XX-based.
lofi rpg in a city of scum and villainy
A super-condensed, lo-fi abstract RPG about planar revolutionaries fighting the system.
TTRPG where you're a starfighter in an increasingly messy war
Fantastical airships
Spirits left to wander far grow monstrous fair and old.
Cinematic Heist RPG
Bronze axes and minimal sorcery in New Kingdom Egypt.
An adventure location toolkit pamphlet for Fantasy Sci-Fi RPGs
Science-fantasy tabletop RPG adventures on a psychedelic dying earth.
D100 Unsettling Items for Sci-Fi RPGs
Post reality apocalypse artpunk rpg
Fast-Paced Cyberpunk Action Game