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Games like Pirate Game Sounds Pack

214 high-quality sound effects for combats
100 high-quality footsteps sounds specially crafted to help you put sound to your games
148 High-Quality Magic Sounds
25 high-quality orchestral fanfares divided in: Success, game overs, alerts, level ups, stingers
105 sound effects to put sound on your monsters
129 High-Quality animal and beast sounds
225 interface, futuristic, ui, sounds that can be used in different kind of games, especially for futuristic, space ones
112 High-Quality Coins and Chest SFX
110 High-Quality magic sounds of Air, Fire, Earth, Water and also Ice
112 High-Quality destruction sounds
101 High-Quality ambience sounds. 19:34 minutes of sounds
+ 170 TRACKS (growing) ⚡ + 2 HOURS and 29 MINUTES OF MUSIC (growing) ⚡ + 2,03 GB OF CONTENT (growing)
142 High-Quality Robot Sounds
100 High-Quality Forest Ambience Sounds