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Games like 2 poems

The only game that will make you a literal legend.
Rules-lite Classic Traveller the way Marc Miller plays it
A collection of zines on the author and their theory of games
One page free kriegsspiel rules, Free Kriegsspiel Revolution, FKR
a jewish summer camp horror story.
Absurdist collaborative improv story jam / TTRPG
Original Backgrounds, Content Spotlights, Shout-Out Archive, and Extra Bits!
a collection of verses in various stages of perfection
This is a game about what it would be like to have God legitimately talk to you, and how you would deal with it.
a botanical horror story.
A Story of Playing a Tabletop RPG
what IS in a name anyway
One useless random table with eleven pages of unnecessary world-building.
An impossible game of Civil War burials, hungry hogs, and exclusion
The first ecological account of the magnificent and mysterious beast known as the Fortle.
An essay by a philosophy Ph.D. on games, philosophy, and the connections between them
This is my attempt at collecting the somewhat worthwhile poems from my past life.
Sometimes people ask me how to design games.