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Games like (Try To) Cure Light Wounds (?)

A tabletop game about telling stories with strangers late at night.
Solo, survival horror, writing game
A solo roleplaying game about exploring fantastic planets.
The Christmassy Game Of Union Organization
A Fantasy Weather Report Generator
Tell The Stories Written On Your Skin
A solitary game of self-exploration, magic, music and pain.
The solo rpg of royal genealogy
Catalogue spirits for the Spirit Library's shelves
Station Management and Boarding Mechanics
5 Rooms for Pokemon Dungeon Crawler
Be intimate, be a monster, together
Tactical Combat Checklist
A solo journalling and deck wrecking game for the discerning demonologist.
A solo game in which you explore a ruined fantasy city, noting what you see.
a small 1-player game about mapping a town that meant something to you
How to Judge a Fish for all your Holo-sport Needs!
A simple fantasy version of What's So Cool About Outer Space?
Two competitive storytelling card games of weaving myths and facing monsters.