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Games like Queen-Killer version française

A GMless micro-RPG for up to four players about Dungeon Keepers that defend their home against evil adventurers.
Un jeu dans lequel on incarne des Kobolds, inspiré par "What's so cool about outer space?"
A game of space solitude and inevitability
Traduction française de Tunnel Goons, le jeu de Nate Treme
Version française de Sunset Kills, un jeu PbtA de Jesse Ross.
A one-shot tabletop RPG about orcs on the rampage.
a two-player storytelling game
An unofficial Blades in the Dark module about class warfare, coalition-building, and revolution.
A one-shot 1-HP infiltration hex crawl for 1 or 2 players
One page, one-shot, easily hackable rpg
A free pamphlet teaching how to make RPG pamphlets
Time-based, frantic one-page RPG
[solo, écriture] Un jeu de rôle épistolaire pour un joueur
Sexy Battle Wizards, un jdr (jeu de rôle) en une page de Grant Howitt, en version française
Beware: There is a game in here. You've been warned.
A rapid game of intrigue, betrayal, and romance for three or more players
Des scénarios variés pour des parties de moins de 30min
You are a criminal bear with two stats: CRIMINAL and BEAR.
Traduction de "The Witch is dead" par Grant Howitt.