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Games like Dream Aflame

A Deck Based Character Creation Game
A one-player TTRPG in which you probably do not escape a labyrinth.
A one-page tabletop RPG about being sexy bookkeepers who may or may not have superpowers.
A storytelling game where you play children visited by a divine spirit. Written for Folklore Jam
Magical students get into mischief
A card game of discovery and improvisational storytelling for 1-4 players
wizards using spell components in all the wrong ways
A low glamour sci-fi TTRPG that emulates anime like Cowboy Bebop and Outlaw Star!
A solo letter writing game about all the things you can't say
A storytelling game about the year in the life of a small, farming community, as told to the town's bees.
a game about the tyranny of magic and how we escape its cage
what if wrestling, but with giant mecha
A Supernatural-Cyberpunk Revolution
A story game about ideological conflicts, unanswerable questions, and the people caught up in them.
A 17th century bisexual disaster RPG
psychic wars + coin flipping
Play As A Folklore Oddity!
A Powered By The Apocalypse game about giant magical robots and the people that control them.
A cyberpunk TTRPG about psychics and identity