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Games like the gods of d&d

an essay about beauty, joy, love, empathy, and the future
These are poems. There is no game here.
The only way to know is to dig deeper.
A guide to running the classic D&D dungeon and make your players understand what true power means.
randomly generated dungeon from premade 7x7 tiles
Run in browser
a finding game for one to fifteen players
Procedurally generated Tarot-like cards
Run in browser
A PDF magazine of sword & sorcery tales, games, and comics.
a public domain manifesto about "real" & "unreal" places
A detailed full-color map of post-apocalyptic Seattle (PDF)
A system neutral game setting about exploration, conservation, and strange new worlds!
A Game of Reanimation. For use with 'Esoteric' by Jay Dragon
A system-neutral supplement, featuring 12 unique magic items and 3 item creation tables.
Torn between two cultures, decide where you belong.
A diceless, GMless story game about an immortal hermit.
'Is there anybody there?' said the Traveller,/ Knocking on the moonlit door;
Play to learn how to heal a follower, and see whether you can.