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Games like Simple Dungeon Crawler 16x16 Pixel Art Asset Pack

A free tileset + animated characters + weapons + others.
Free fantasy dungeon tileset (+characters and weapons)
1500+ Tiles in one pack, for a whole game. + characters and some animations
Create own top down level.
An asset pack, comprised of a main character and four enemy types.
Rogue Dungeon Tileset 16x16
8x8 pixel art tiles suitable for a roguelike or other top-down view games with a handful of simple sprites.
72 small sprites that are perfect for an RPG
Over 1000 SNES-style pixel fantasy icons!
Pixel art assets for a topdown shooter or tower defense game.
FX pack for pixel-art game.
An asset pack, comprised of a boss-type character.
80 16x16 animated monsters.
64 16x16 food icons.
This pixel TopDown asset pack is a collection of tile maps, sprites and animations to create your own game.
A luscious alpine woods environment for use in platform games.