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Games like Soulstice

A Game of Cosmic Intimacy on the Brink of Death
Minimum Wage Mecha Warfare
A Surrealist Dungeon Crawl RPG
A solo roleplaying game about exploring fantastic planets.
A Delver hack of romance and pining
A Supplement for Interstitial: Our Hearts Intertwined
A Romantic Game to be Played Within Halo 2
A Game of Delinquent Dinosaurs
A ghoulish & strange poetry RPG; an echo of the American Old West.
A solo companion to LARPs about war reporting.
A game for writing queer history.
A game about crochet and family.
a paladin and deity hack of beyond reach
the minutes shared just before a first kiss and everything that lead there.
a two-player game about mermaids and humans courting each other
A solo+ dark Western poetry RPG, exploring violence, woe, and dissociation, set in the American Old West.
a game of animal adventure
a two-player game about negotiation, interpretation, and creation.