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Games like Backstabbing Beasties

A Complete Handbook of Playbook's for Jared Sinclair's 6E
a former counselor warped by the lindworm. twisted. strange. strong.
A solo horror game about being hunted, and leaving behind records.
A tabletop game about monsters in disguise.
8 strange tabletop games.
An otherworldly 5e adventure.
A LIGHT ability & power module
A LIGHT class module
a roadtrip with friends
Lo-Fi Hi-Fantasy RPG Dungeon Crawl. Part of the 1400 plug-and-play micro-RPG series.
Lo-Fi Hi-Fantasy RPG. Part of the 1400 plug-and-play micro-RPG series.
A trophy incursion in a pamphlet
A 2 player storytelling game about defiance and control
Incursion for Trophy Gold
Escape alone from a space station overrun with anomalies
Supplemental rules for your Wretched & Alone games.
It's hard to keep your casino afloat when you're small fish in a big, weird ocean.
A solo espionage RPG about hoping for the impossible
Pamphlet module for Mothership
A pamphlet adventure and new background for Troika!