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Games like My Job Was Slowly Killing Me, Until A Goddess Of Self Care Staged A Hostile Takeover Of My Employer And...

A queer light novel about healing, new beginnings, finding and forming chosen family, transition and choices.
An illustrated light novel short story compilation about magic, witches, familiars, and gender feels
An Egg wakes up as a Succubus
They Told Me I Could Have The Hand Of A Princess If I Saved The Kingdom, But I Think I Misunderstood What They Meant?
A young trans girl finds herself the "victim" of a cuteness curse, with some beastial effects!
An illustrated light novel about personal growth, furry MMOs, and turning into a plant girl
An illustrated light novel about dealing with anxiety, cats, and gender feels
a story about love, transformation, and found family
A short, casual, and pragmatically focused collection of approaches to help dealing with ADHD.
A Guide to Building Your Worlds and Cultures through the Exploration of Food
A young transgender wolf girl embarks on a quest to protect a journeying cleric
WKTD’s Response to Homosexuality as Social Deviance Through Queer Coding in Watchmen, Dark Knight Returns, and Others