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Games like Shitty Mechs

A 200 word RPG, for 4+ deities.
A game of flash-fiction divination
There's no game here anymore. Games For The Missing & The Found, Volume 3.
A new class for 5e with much much more
A Troika Background for your Friends
A Getting-To-Know-Each-Other game
A roleplaying game about keeping your sanity.
A diceless, GMless story game about an immortal hermit.
Rebel against the institutions of the far future, and look cool doing it.
A horror game involving a water bottle and a deck of cards.
Youths with attitude vs. the climate emergency!
A short zine about the miracles that happen when the monstrous figures go through town.
fatal larp in murky water
A game about uncomfortable family dinners
A collaborative story-telling game about sentient toys
Augment your rangers with two new backgrounds and five new beasts compatible with the Beast Master archetype
a small storytelling physical game
a two-player spindlewheel mini-game about an immortal prisoner on a paradise island and their various visitors.
we understand the power of that which came before us