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Games like Deform

BitmatFont Tools allows you test and improve bitmap fonts.
A Z80/AY music player library for 8-bit computers.
Game Maker Object Creation Tool
Rustangelo is an automatic sign painter for RUST.
Infinite Hurdy-Gurdy Music
render engine from the soul
A virtual tabletop for playing TTRPG's online.
The editor & beta tester's tool for Ren'Py!
Commodore 64 character graphics editor for Windows.
JC64dis (next generation C64 disassembler)
Easy to use programming language for game development
A little plugin to easy-way manage your text files inside your project folder.
SpriteMaker, RecolorBMP, Blake Stone Animation Studio
A useful Sound Manager Plugin for Godot 3.2 that gives the user more power on the audio of the game.
Animation & games programming language for kids and beginners
Light and fast music player.
Tools for adding Closed Captions, Image Descriptions, and more to your VN!
Streamline plugin creation for construct 3
A Game Master's Helping Hand
Create procedurally generated textures and photo filters
A Color Picker & Palette Manager Tool