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Games like The Absolute Ultimate Baking Championship

2-4 players, witches traveling to reclaim their world from the Nothing
A mini solo-LARP about talking through your anxieties, frustrations, and joys with a tiny god who's always by your side.
my copilot is my tether
Fight crime! Rectify injustice! Piss off the cops!
An analog adventure game for nice people
a collection of analog games created for the #bigbadjam
Tarot & Magical Girls Come Together
Fight to First Heartbreak
A freeform RPG about a (formerly) captured selkie and their family deciding whether the selkie should return to the sea.
A Deliciously Dangerous Culinary Adventure For Starving Level Adventurers
A Game of Spontaneous Draconic Companionship
A solo table top role playing game about being trapped in Faerie and trying to bargain your way home.
A solitaire game about reliving stories, recognizing the past, & rewriting the future.
Become a Napkin Witch! Create subtle spells, tiny wishes and small blessings.
A GMless, prompt-based story game about the spells we cast together, and the words we use to weave our magic.
A one page game about finding your magic.
An empathy game for 1-4 players
A storytelling game about a wizard and their familiar, for two players.
A short RPG about secret agent penguins and blackjack