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Games like Return to Ghost Castle

A DID-themed visual novel with interactive content and several high-quality CGs.
Visual Novel
A Rescue/Escape game made in RPG Maker MV.
An adventure made in RPG Maker MV
Role Playing
Cute and lewd adventure game. Lewd and Adults Only (Hentai) modes available.
A peril filled adult RPG featuring lewd states during battle for 3 female mages! [NSFW]
Role Playing
Guide Shem and help her capture the pirate captain! Made with RPG Maker MV
Role Playing
[NSFW] Parody RPG featuring the girls of League of Legends!
Role Playing
hentai swapping puzzle platformer
hentai stealth platformer, sexy scenes when you get spotted.
Text horror game. Are you able to survive this night~?
15 minute Metroidvania, with a jetpack
Receive spankings
Laina's shift from hell
Interactive Fiction
Can you rescue and re-unite the rightful rulers of Amerika?
Role Playing
You have one last chance at world conquest; will you do it?