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Games like Albatross

A one-player ttrpg about the invincibility of your mecha anime PROTAGONIST, until fate claims them.
Peace. Kids playing in mech wreckage. A ghost. One last journey to find a final resting place.
A Storytelling (Pen-and-Paper) Exploration Game for Exactly One Player
A diceless, GMless story game about an immortal hermit.
A Storytelling Game Of Cloaks, Daggers, And Unspeakable Powers
A tiny game to paste in the front of your favorite notebook so you can carry the galaxy around with you.
A solo game about an AGENT's fateful MISSION
we understand the power of that which came before us
we breathe life into this city together
​A game about the sacrifices we make for victory, the interconnections of war, and Battle Mecha.
A TTRPG about pilots and their massive war machines.
A tomb bound by nostalgia and indulgence
Five revolutionary playbooks for Beam Saber
a traits module for FIST by ripley caldwell
An Anti-Mech warrior playbook for Beam Saber.
A weird system agnostic adventure for tabletop RPGs
A Role-Playing Game of Emergent Mystery and Darkness
A Collection of Resources for Fantasy Roleplaying Games
A GMless TTRPG about the clash of over-sized personalities between shapeshifters who can assume human or dragon form
An analog adventure game for nice people
A Game About A Supernatural Investigation