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Games like In the Ocean

Pilot issue of a monthly fantasy RPG zine
The fourth issue of your favorite RPG zini, featuring an infinite hex crawl.
A soulslike RPG hacked from Knave
A Game of Cosmic Goblin Mayhem
a space fantasy adventure game
A Tunnel Goons hack about a different and altogether stranger set of tunnels: the NYC Subway.
A game about being sentient plants
Capture magical cards with your friends.
Six backgrounds for Troika! based on your second-favorite science fiction television series set on a space station.
A poetry-making game with made-up words, and some accompanying poems.
Somewhere in New Jungle, the Big Boss searches for the Power.
A game of love and sacrifice.
An analog adventure game for nice people
Do you hate math? Play this game and don't hate it instead!
A game of tiny carvings and perilous journeys.
embracing the end of something special