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Games like 10 Scary Horror Tunes - Pack 1

Cute Toy 3D Animal Models x 6
Audio WAV SoundFX ideal for creating atmosphere in a scary game
8Bit / PixelArt converter for images & videos
Free 2D Game Assets for Commercial, and Non-Commercial Use.
A free asset pack containing two types of ladders!
A pack of 3D Models for Developers of 3D games!
High resolution game backgrounds
Neat pickups for your platformer:)
21 fire themed icons and accompanying UI elements
Sunrise, the Graphical User Interface (and assets!)
Cute assets for an adventure game
Ultimate 3d models pack
A psychological drama that will test your morals with a painful truth...
Visual Novel
Free beats, breaks and random soundscapes for your games.
Free Open Source Ui kit for mobile and casual games
A Mystery/Romance Visual Novel, with pursuable male and female characters.
Visual Novel