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Games like ExpMultiplier - RPG Maker MV Plugin

RPG Maker MV plugin that makes your loading image animated.
RPG Maker MV - Apply sophisticated screen effects with animations.
RPG Maker MV plugin that lets players skip cutscenes like most mainstream RPGs.
RPG Maker MV - Enhance and control weather effects.
RPG Maker MV plugin that adds special effects to make maps/battles more vibrant
Adds visual novel style bust control for RPG Maker MV events.
RPG Maker MV plugin that displays a tooltip window describing what states do.
RPG Maker MV plugin that puts a compass on the screen to show locations of nearby events.
RPG Maker MV sample project with 8 battle plugins utilized to create an indepth battle system
RPG Maker MV plugin where the battle system functions on a turn by turn basis completing actions as they are selected!
RPG Maker MV battle UI to put the status window on the side
SNES-style pixel RPG tiles!
An RPG Maker MV Plugin for Controller Vibration
A 2d pixel art sprite pack full of modern RPG game assets
RPG Maker MV plugin for making a collectible card game
Add any animation to your sprite to look more juicy!
It is dangerous to go alone...