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objectivity according to blaseball
They had been long abandoned: the Twin pitching in that bright empty room; the ship pitching on the bright empty sea
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It wasn't really a smile. More like a gaping hole.
a piece of hypertext about files and circulation
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random pendulums every 5 seconds
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Every Material Possible Ever For Your Projects
a mini-essay on gifting
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Mémoire de fin d'études.
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A simple digital instrument comprised of five tunable strings.
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A metagaming manifesto by Stephanie Boluk and Patrick LeMieux for Manifesto Jam.
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a manifesto to make awesome games
To be read from time to time.
A collection of thoughts by other people
for you and me
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Match-maker, ice-breaker, souvenirs-crafter.
Fun typing game made in 24H !
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