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Games like Ultimate Roguelike Tileset

35 animated pixel effects.
Hundreds of 16x16 item, weapon, armor, and equipment sprites.
80 16x16 animated monsters.
Heroes, monsters, castles, & crypts
Modern Horror Tiles!
20 pixel art background for parallax
Forest Horror Tiles!
micro (zombies, guns, items, tilesets & blood)
Modern Horror RPG Sprites!
Space Marines, Aliens and Mutants, Guns and Gear, Space Stations, Special Effects Interface
Wizards, warriors, goblins, bats, skeletons, zombies & dragons
Space marines, aliens, starbases & derelict ships
Delicious Crops!
little characters with attack, block, run and more animations.
Everything you need for a 1-bit platformer game.
a 5x7 font with virtually every accent character
Various 2D side-scrolling environments on pixel art for your projects!
Metroidvania / Soulslike project for GameMaker:Studio