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Games like Anti-Adventure

Play as Eve and explore an odd world full of magic!
Role Playing
Pixel assets for RPG in an old school style
​Play as Lavi the cat on her quest to knock precious objects from high places!
Librarium Animated Battlers Sample + RPGMAKER MV Dragonbones implementation
Role Playing
The Labyrinth awaits...
Role Playing
RPG Maker MV sample project with 8 battle plugins utilized to create an indepth battle system
Sacred Earth - Promise is a four- to six-hour visual novel/RPG experience.
Role Playing
Battle in an evolving boss fight and grow your characters to face the challenge.
It has been raining ceaselessly for 7 days...
Visual Novel
Do you have the courage to accept the truth?
Role Playing
Guide two girls through a puzzle-platformer dungeon in their quest for the ultimate reward. (Solo or two-player co-op!)
RPG/Visual Novel hybrid experimenting with new ways of role-playing.
Visual Novel
BL dating sim with reversible roles. Explore town, pursues 5+ guys and build career as a voice actor.
Visual Novel
One of the sub-episodes of the Princess Trilogy. Also known as Episode 1.5.
Role Playing
A startup simulation game by real startup team
Escape room type game where you rescue a person locked away from a mysterious dungeon.
Role Playing
The story of 4 brave warriors to save THE PRINCESS from the hands of the EVIL OVERLORD!
Role Playing
Editor for pixel art animations
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