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Games like Return of the Tentacle OST

Sequel to the Point&Click-Adventure "Day of the Tentacle"
Quality swords and spears forged by our greatest blacksmiths!
114 stunning item icons measuring 250x250 in size, featuring beautifully hand-drawn potions.
free 32x32 pixel food icons
3 variations of death beam. 2 versions: Pink & Blue. For RPG Maker MZ, VX Ace & MV
Test Wave 1 animations here in your browser !
Play in browser
Access all 2021 Wave 1 animations for a unique price. 15 Mini Packs (50+ total) animations included !
Three awesome C64 shoot 'em ups from Alf Yngve!
pixel art tool 4 sprites, images and tile maps
This is the core library for most of MZPlus and MZPlus Prime plugins.
Parallax Mapping with advanced layered fog and fast dynamic reflections
Bundled together with 70+ plugins from Waves 1 through 8!
100+ Fast Food Icons for your game project!
A lotion based seating simulator