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Games like libdraco_ue4

Best glTF importor for UE4 editor.
Game Maker Object Creation Tool
A free node based procedural texture generator.
A C++ based OpenGL 3D note editor.
A bare-bones easing system for Gamemaker Studio 2
Make retro, animated sprites!
A .NET based IDE for developing C64 games/programs with debugging support via VICE emulator
Digital clock with Predator and Pac Man time display
Publish your nes homebrew on dreamcast the easy way
TotoyeVN Engine is a visual novel engine written in JavaScript.
render engine from the soul
generate green, red, cyan, orange, yellow, blue, purple and pink version of any jpg, gif, png or tga
Pulls audio from your sound card, and saves it as a .mp3 or .wav
Satisfying physics-based CPU benchmarking.
Finite State Machine in RenPy
An emulation of the Chloe 280SE microcomputer.
The fairest way to split the pie
Easy to use programming language for game development
Tools for everyday MTG
Sound effect generator
A ScriptableObject oriented design SDK.