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Games like Samira

Take part in this visually striking first person experience
wandering through space without a purpose_ getting old and getting lost_
A game about the liminal space of long drives.
Proper Remake of 3d maze from windows 95
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A game where you judge animals.
Visit a scenic, abstract landscape of bleeding technicolor wonder, armed with a camera, curiosity, and freedom.
first-person poetry visualizer
Sit down & go through a cluttered table
Ride Those Emotional Waves
lunar sculpture appreciation simulator
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A Thing For #Meatlyjam
A Dieselpunk Fairy Tale (Visual Novel)
Visual Novel
Eat Dots & Make Pretty Pictures
game like thing made for now play this 2017
An Experimental Videogame by Bill Viola and the Game Innovation Lab
All you can do is try your best.
The future in musical voxels simulation.
an interactive vignette about suicide
environmental art piece/calm island drifter
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